Phrase book – Miami

For jer der overvejer en tur til Miami..

Selvom Miami er en del af USA, så er viben og sproget bare lidt anderledes pga. påvirkningen fra de mange sydamerikanere, der har bosat sig her.

Jeg har samlet lidt fun facts af gloser, som bruges af Miami’s lokale samt betydninger heraf 🙂

Oye: Popular way to get someone’s attention, meaning “Hey, listen to me” or, on the street, a verbal wolf whistle, “Oye, mama”

Latin Time: The local tendency to arrive late to all events and meetings. “Oh, she’s on Latin time.” If a party is set for 8 p.m., don’t expect guests to start arriving until 9 p.m. and even as late as 11 p.m.

– Men kom til tiden, hvis du har booket et bord hos en restaurent eller fx andet som en spabehandling 🙂

Spanglish: The unofficial language of Miami, a hybrid of Spanish and English that residents use, sometimes switching from English to Spanish and back again in the same sentence; also a humorous tendency to make English words sound Spanish—U.S. mail becomes usmail, the market is marqueta (instead of Mercado in Spanish), etc.

-Hører min mand tale på denne måde OFTE.

SoBe: Short for South Beach.

SoFi: South of Fifth Street in South Beach.

Miamah: “The way natives, until the ’70s, pronounced, with their slight Southern accents, Miami.”—Paul George, historian to the Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

(Og lidt for kaffe elskerne 😉 )


Cafecito or Café Cubano: Cuban-style espresso served in a thimble-sized cup; twice as strong as American coffee and super sweet; sip or throw it back like a shot.

Café Con Leche: A cup of hot, frothed milk with a separate shot of Cuban coffee (to mix when ready); the Latin version of a latte.

Colada: What you get when you want to share your Cuban coffee; it comes in a large Styrofoam cup, with little plastic cups; pour and pass them around—you’ll make instant friends.

Cortadito: Cuban coffee topped with steamed milk; a short café con leche.

-Selvfølgeligt kan du tale engelsk med langt de fleste, da vi er i USA (nogle få taler ærlig talt kun spansk eller dårligt engelsk). Efter min mening er det dog godt, at kunne bare få spanske gloser her i the capital of latin america 🙂


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Hi, I'm Mimi, the author and creator of My Favorite Things and My Miami Life- two lifestyle blogs I started to share my passion for beauty, style and magical places as well as tips about Miami.

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